Market Opportunity

The market opportunity is not only global but covers an extensive range of industry sectors and inspection requirements. The opportunities for the company that can successfully deliver very-low altitude (below 400') long-range, long-endurance BVLOS aerial inspection solutions are substantial!


  • Electricity Distribution
  • Oil and Gas Distribution
  • Rail and Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Offshore & Wind Farms
  • Maritime
  • Agriculture
  • Future Cities
  • Defence and Security

Market size and growth

Network based industries with assets and infrastructure spread over long distances or large areas that require a flexible, precise aerial inspection capability to operate at low altitudes (below 400') over long-distances or with extended endurance (several hours).

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Market characteristics

Not only is the market growing very fast but the regulations are evolving positively and rapidly too. Those companies that can secure a strong foothold today will become the established leaders tomorrow.

Market Trends

The market is already seeing very rapid uptake of early technology solutions in the WVLOS domain. The EU is strongly backing SME's in the development of a European low-altitude "drone" sector.