About VTOL Technologies

VTOL Technologies is an SME engaged in the development of breakthrough aerial robotics in the application of Beyond Visual Line of Sight [BVLOS] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV] or “drones” for the inspection of network assets and infrastructure, including airside airport infrastructure maintenance and surveillance, as well as the highways, waterways and rail asset sectors.

In a drive to push down costs, many companies with significant “long-linear” assets and their prime contractors are looking at using aerial based technologies for monitoring/inspecting assets, to enable scheduling maintenance and repair operations MRO. In this high growth market, currently the majority of all current aerial asset-inspection work, carried out either in-house or by external contractors, is done using quadcopters Within Visual Line of Sight [WVLOS]. The scope of these types of platforms is limited, and many are now looking to implement BVLOS UAVs as part of their future strategy. VTOL Technologies has been 100% focused on this emerging market from its inception, having accumulated many man years of expertise in UAVs for BVLOS operations. VTOL Technologies expertise covers 4 key areas, essential for delivering on these requirement; a highly manoeuvrable hybrid UAV platform with long endurance, in-depth knowledge of the on-board sensor technologies required for high quality and high resolution data acquisition, the knowledge and access to the high fidelity communications technologies needed for BVLOS flying and the know-how for developing the Concept of Operations [ConOps] required by the Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] for BVLOS operations.

As interest grows in this field, our consultancy services in UAV applications operating BVLOS has become a key part of the company’s activities, with a particular focus on the identification and development of Concepts of Operations [ConOps] for aerial operations. Large utility and civil engineering businesses are looking to VTOL Technologies’ industry expertise as part of their decision making for their future strategic implementation of aerial robotics.

VTOL Technologies Ltd is based in the Collins Aerospace Innovation Centre, on the Winnersh Triangle, near Reading. The Collins Aerospace, along with a number of UK and European technology partners, have been instrumental in making it possible for VTOL Technologies to develop a truly innovative UAV platform.